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Racist HP camera (webcam to be exact!)

Enjoy this video from youtube. See how racist Hewlett Packard webcams are. Well, I’m not the one saying it. It’s the person in the video that said it. I just merely quoting him saying that. Please don’t sue me!


Anyway, it seems like the camera is not so intelligent since it can’t recognized the colored guy instead of the woman in the video. The black guy purchase the same computer for Christmas for his wife and he thinks that he can’t explain to her why the state of the art webcam doesn’t follow her when she’s using it.

Well, if you ask me for solution, then I’ll say get a white wife. Problem solved! And you have a nice present for yourself too. Just kidding!


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What is cron?

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  1. lol

    I guess people nowadays are too quick to say “racist!” even if it’s not meant to

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