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Free Banner Generator

Online Banner Generator is a simple web application that you can use to create a banner for your blog or site. It’s not as big as the banner that you can put on the header of your blog, but still you can use the banner for advertising on other blogs and such. The max size of the banner is 468×60 pixels and usually used widely in Adsense advertisement.

I made a simple video for the tutorial. You can check it out. It’s a short one, just to show how easy it is to use. I designed the banner before so I just want to quickly show you guys how it is done.


In the end, you will be prompted to save the banner to your computer and this is what I have done.


Looks good enough to me. I’m not a graphic designer like others, so this is like a masterpiece for me. LOL


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  1. i never know this before…nice tutorial..hahaha

  2. Nice. For non-graphical people like us hahaha.

    By the way, how the hell did you manage to create that kind of video tutorial?

  3. Thanks Yam, nice sharing info, btw the bombs looks scary..hehe

  4. Ok thank bro for this tips…..

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